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Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields has spent the last few decades making a name for himself and has become a creative tour de force in the photography & film industries. His willingness to test boundaries has earned him praise from critics around the world. Often collaborating with celebrities, models, comedians, athletes, and actors for his provocative projects, Shields’ photographs are iconic and are making their mark in prestigious collections around the world.

Shields is best known for his rebellious and provocative photography that closely represents themes of consumerism, eroticism, fantasy, decadence and violence. His photographs play with the concepts of power structures, hyperrealism and cinematography. Shields constantly challenges the meaning of modern portrait photography by shifting the landscape of identities and the mundane of our contemporary world.

Recent years have proven to be some of the most impressive for Shields’ career. He has had several exclusive photographs go to auction at Christie’s, Phillips, & Sotheby’s, with this year being especially impressive. Recently, Shields was honored with a solo exhibition at Sotheby’s London, and he is the first living photographer ever to be venerated with such a distinction.


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